The Quarter Acre Pot is a simple to use non-electrical multifunctional appliance that can be used as a Thermo Cooker, Cooler, Bain-Marie, Rice Cooker and Yoghurt Maker.

Take your Quarter Acre Pot Camping, In the Caravan or Motor Home, Picnics, Outdoor Events e.g. Opera in the Park, to the Beach, Farming, Home or at the Bach, In the 4WD, On the Boat, or to a Barbeque.

The Quarter Acre Pot

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    Introducing the Quarter Acre Pot – every kiwis cooking dream designed for your convenience - to be used indoor or outdoor for cooking healthy, nutritious and delicious meals.

    The Quarter Acre Pot is a simple to use non-electrical multifunctional appliance that can be used as a:
    •Thermo Cooker
    •Rice Cooker
    •Yoghurt Maker

    Due to the technology of the Quarter Acre Pot, your food - which is placed in the inner pot and boiled at temperature – can be transferred to the outer pot where it will retain its heat and continue to cook slowly without further supervision.  Alternatively the QAP can be used as an ice box keeping food or drinks chilled.

    The Quarter Acre Pot contains two stainless steel inner pots which are designed to be used as you would your usual saucepans at home they can be used on either electricity or gas stoves.  The Quarter Acre Pot has a convenient and safe lock/unlock handle for extra safety while traveling.  The outer pot is insulated with special heat insulating material.  (Not unlike what you find in your fridge at home).

    The food cannot dry out in the Quarter Acre Pot, burn, boil over or be over cooked, avoiding scorching or evaporation – “no death by boiling”.

    The slow and gentle cooking method of the QAP ensures that cuts of meat stay moist and tender while vegetables retain their integrity, keeping their shape, texture and colour.  There is an uniquely delicious mingling of flavours when food is slow cooked and because your food cooks in its own natural juices you are retaining all of the goodness, allowing the flavours, vitamins and nutrients to remain in each dish you prepare.

    Power, gas and time can all be saved as the time the meal is on the stove is a relatively short period.

    Whilst on holiday the time spent preparing meals is minimal but the results are like what you would experience at home with all the modern facilities and without all the dishes!!  The Quarter Acre Pot conveniently frees you up to provide a nutritious and healthy meal for you and the whole family.

    The best thing about using thermal cookware is that you can use your favourite crockpot or slow cooker recipes in the Quarter Acre Pot to prepare 1 or 2 course meals.