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The Quarter Acre Pot thermal cooker is perfect for travelling - Use it in the Motor Home, Caravan, RV, use it for Boat, Picnics, BBQ, back of the farm even sporting events or anytime you are travelling. Cooking on the road while driving to your destination for a hot meal on arrival.

What could be more perfect than arriving at your destination tired and hungry after a long days drive and know that you have a delicious meal ready for you? No more cold ham sandwiches or money spent on Takeaways.Furthermore it's good to know that the energy you will save while owning a Quarter Acre Pot is around 80%. That's a lot of energy when you are travelling on the road, especially when freedom camping and saving on your gas consumption is a must.The Quarter Acre Pot can be used to cook Roasts, cakes, scones and bread so its as handy as having an oven in your motorhome without the heat, smells and energy consumption.Use the Quarter Acre Pot to cook " one pot meals" - A roast with all the veges, at the same time, in the same pot - certainly saves on the dishes and finding room on your stove top to cook all the different vegetables. Or maybe you would like to cook a curry and rice - both meals can be cooked together in the Quarter Acre Pot, without anything overcooking and the best thing is no odours spreading throughout your furnishings, once the lid is closed on the Quarter Acre Pot there is virtually no smell.Because the initial heating time on the stove is so minimal compared to the average cooking time you will reduce the amount of condensation and moisture that gathers inside your motorhome/caravan.There are a lot of advantages to adding the Quarter Acre Pot to your travelling adventures. For Convenience and Ease take your Quarter Acre Pot:

  • Camping

  • In the Caravan, or Motor Home

  • Picnics

  • Outdoor Events e.g. Opera in the Park, to the beach

  • Farming

  • Home or at the Bach

  • In the 4WD

  • On the boat

  • To a Barbeque

The food cannot dry out in the Quarter Acre Pot, burn, boil over or be over cooked, avoiding scorching or evaporation – “no death by boiling”. The slow and gentle cooking method of the QAP ensures that cuts of meat stay moist and tender while vegetables retain their integrity, keeping their shape, texture and colour.  There is an uniquely delicious mingling of flavours when food is slow cooked and because your food cooks in its own natural juices you are retaining all of the goodness, allowing the flavours, vitamins and nutrients to remain in each dish you prepare. Power, gas and time can all be saved as the time the meal is on the stove is a relatively short period. Whilst on holiday the time spent preparing meals is minimal but the results are like what you would experience at home with all the modern facilities and without all the dishes!!  The Quarter Acre Pot conveniently frees you up to provide a nutritious and healthy meal for you and the whole family. The best thing about using thermal cookware is that you can use your favourite crockpot or slow cooker recipes in the Quarter Acre Pot to prepare 1 or 2 course meals.

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