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Get ready get through-QAP disaster kit

How will you cook your food should a natural disaster affect you?

The Quarter Acre Pot thermal cooker can help make the task of creating a healthy nutritious meal possible in a stressful situation. After the earthquake hit Christchurch in February 2011, we donated some of our Quarter Acre Pots to people and organisations down in the affected area. This allowed those people that were without power to cook their meals with the minimum of stress and inconvenience. Because the Quarter Acre Pot is portable it was used by the Rangiora Express to transport food to places that were isolated after the earthquake.

As long as a heat source is available the Quarter Acre Pot can work quickly and efficiently cooking a healthy delicious meal for the entire family.

Using an existing BBQ, Wood burner, open fire or even a small camping portable stove (the ones with that use the small butane gas canisters) the inner pans of the cooker are placed on the heat source for the required time (average time of between 10-20 minutes) and then the insulated outer pot is able to do the rest of the work to cook a hot meal for the family during what can be an incredibly stressful time.

All that is needed is a gas camping stove, a woodburner, gas BBQ or even an open fire.

An important question to ask would be " how would I continue with my normal cooking routine if all energy facilities were unavailable".

Include The Quarter Acre Pot thermal cooker as part of your survival kit today!

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