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What is sustainable cooking?

What is sustainable home cooking—and as an individual action, can it possibly matter? The answer is yes.

What we choose to eat as well as the methods we choose to cook and harvest our food, affects our individual health and that of our planet. If we all individually chose to cook sustainably we would all contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals, the world plan for the next 14 years.

Any recipe can be made sustainable! Cooking at home with sustainable food tastes better, is more nutritious, cheaper than eating out, brings friends and family together, and teaches kids good eating habits. Our recipes come from chefs, cookbook authors, Eat Well Guide restaurants and others who share the same food philosophy for local, sustainable, organic. Get in the kitchen today! What I love about the Quarter Acre Pot is how it looks after the food while it is cooking. The food is cooked naturally and gently inside the Quarter Acre Pot and this means that the vitamins and minerals in the food are not compromised, providing a healthy and nutritious meal for everyone to enjoy.

In this modern day and age we have all the modern appliances available to assist us to cook our every day meals but when it comes to energy use it would appear that the modern cooking stoves although convenient are not that energy efficient. Cooking food is an incredibly inefficient process.

Some figures published suggest that the thermal efficiency of cooking food can vary from 13% for electric hobs to 23% for gas hobs. Despite the latest updated technology for cooking such as induction stoves the modern day devices have a thermal efficiency of only 15%. This means that 85% of the energy generated for cooking is wasted!!

How can this be? Well one of the reasons and where a significant amount of energy is lost when using a cooking stove occurs during the actual cooking time - when the transferal of heat goes from the cooking stove top to the cooking vessel that contains the food. In other words not all of the heat produced by the element reaches the cooking vessel - the heat is lost through the walls and lid of the cooking pot as well as escaping through the steam.

A simple way to start improving cooking efficiency is by using the Quarter Acre Pot, Thermal cooker.

The Quarter Acre Pot completely eliminates heat transfer loss while reducing the cooking time on the stove top (or whatever heat source you may be using i.e. woodburner, gas bbq, open fire) and in doing so it addresses the two major energy losses in the cooking process.

The Quarter Acre Pot can lower energy use by more that 80%, there is very little heat loss through the heating process (because the pot is not on the stove for any length of time and no heat loss through evaporation of liquid since the heat and the food is cooking inside the walls of the insulated outer pot.

Nowadays we live such a fast paced life with often both parents working and children involved in so many after school activities its a mine-field to navigate the logistics of running a busy household - time becomes a valuable commodity.

The Quarter Acre Pot does afford the busy mum and dads more time, by reducing the amount they will spend in front of the stove. More time for after school activities or a relaxing pre-dinner sit down.

The flexibility of the Quarter Acre Pot means that once the inner pots are transferred to the Outer pot the designated cook has freed up their time to do something else other than watch the stove top. The food inside the Quarter Acre Pot can not overcook, boil to death or burn dry. If a meal needs to be prepared in the morning then the Quarter Acre Pot can start cooking for you in the morning and a delicious hot meal awaits when dinner time has arrived. Short cooks or long cooks you get the best of both worlds with the Quarter Acre Pot!!

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