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going green doesn't mean more work

With advances in technology and by changing the way you go about life, going green can improve your health, save you money, reduce stress and give you more time to do the things that really matter.

One way to achieve this is with the Quarter Acre Pot thermal cooker. Yes you can use it for long slow cooks, putting it on in the morning, a hearty hot meal of deliciousness waiting for you when you get home. But you can also put a curry and rice on at 3pm then take the kids to their after school activity happy in the knowledge when you get home at 6pm there will be a nutritious meal waiting for your hungry family. And no worrying about unsupervised electrical appliances or pots on the stove that require constant attention as The Quarter Acre Pot is non-electrical. So the energy to cook your meal is free - Reduce time spent in the kitchen, reduce stress, get more done!

Set It and Forget It!

Physics, not magic

Thermal cooking is an ancient practice prevalent in many cultures around the world, the Hangi from Maori culture as an example or the HayBox from the war days. By using insulation to cook your food you are allowing yourself the luxury of a meal cooked gently and naturally and the energy is FREE!! The Quarter Acre Pot thermal cooker brings a wonderful cooking concept back into the kitchen and in fact back out of the kitchen too as it is a portable device you can take anywhere. It'll be cooking while you travel for a hot meal on arrival in any location saving you money on Takeaways or time and stress preparing a meal.

Feel Good Factor

The human race faces huge challenges ahead, it's easy to think "but what can I do?" Saving power, watching what you eat and what method you use to prepare a meal using a modern tech innovative cooking method that doesn't compromise modern living and in fact makes it easier and safer creates small changes that add up to huge results.

Add to this saving money, time and stress and your "feel good" factor will be through the roof! Be part of the solution not part of the problem. Going green these days doesn't mean you have to go back to living in a cave or wear flower necklaces around your neck (although the Quarter Acre Pot would be quite at home cooking in a cave!).

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