We are dedicated to leading the way for transition to healthier lifestyle and more sustainable energy use, by providing best cooking solutions. 

With the ​vision for every Kiwi family to own their own Quarter Acre Pot. 

If everyone lived / consumed like a typical New Zealander ( or most of the "western world" countries ), we’d need about 4 Planet Earths worth of resources just to sustain our current lifestyles (link).


The Quarter Acre Pot is a cooking device that is designed to fight back this imbalance. To help individuals and organisations live and operate in a more sustainable way. And, the good news is that, contrary to popular wisdom, living more sustainably does not cost money. It saves individuals money and time, and helps save the planet. At its core it is about wasting less and living better.

Our focus with The Quarter Acre Pot is on education and efficiency:

  • Education – because it is an essential precursor to making informed choices and affecting real long-term changes in how things are done.

  • Energy & resource efficiency – because eliminating wastage is, in our view, the quickest and most cost-effective path toward more sustainable living.


We aim to lead by example, share your stories, and affect worthwhile change.