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We are a NZ owned company operating since 1996 with a long and strong background in promoting our unique and original products through demonstration at the various home shows throughout New Zealand.  We strive to bring our customers practical, useful and sustainable products.  Our list of wonderful and versatile products include the  Quarter Acre Pot, The Kitchen Miracle (non electrical cooker, The irresistable Cuddle buddy pillows, the 100% natural At1 Konjac Sponge, our high quality KlevaCut Knives and the well loved and indestructible Sweepa Rubber Bristled Broom.

Because we deal with so many of our customers in a face to face situation at the various trade shows we feel that we have an obligation to make sure that all our products will be genuinely enjoyed and appreciated.

Our company is not a huge corporation ( which is what we all love about it) we are proud of the family culture that we have in our company and regard all our colleagues and employees as friends, many of who have been part of our company for over 10 years.